Sunday, May 20, 2012

ICSA Today - Vol. 02, No. 03, 2011

Lessons Learned from SGAs
About Recovery and Resiliency
Leona Furnari, MSW, LCSW and
Rosanne Henry, MA,

My Perspective of Rosanne
Henry and Leona Furnari’s
Presentation to the Annual
SGA Workshop
Patrick Rardin

Family Life In and Out of a Cult
Elizabeth A.

My Voice: Learning to
Speak After the Cult
Alice A.

Born and Raised in
Aesthetic Realism
Ann Stamler, MA, MPhil

“I Really Believed That This
Way of Living Was Right”
Monique Goudsmit

Correspondents’ Reports
Australia, Italy, Scandinavia

Arts: Drawing, Poetry
Sara DeGraff

Arts: Poetry
Lois Kendall. PhD

Profiles On... Patrick Ryan,
Alvaro Rodriguez-Carballeira,
Lady Vane
Mary O’Connell

Press Summaries
Joseph F. Kelly

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