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By Livia Bardin, an online resource for people who have left cults, their families and friends, and professionals working to help them.

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Starting Out is a compendium of information ranging from practical needs like how to get a photo ID or a copy of a high school diploma, to cultural catch-up, like types of popular music or quotations from classic movies, to concepts like relationships with others. There are detailed sections on basics like health, education, careers, and money management, as well as consumer tips on subjects from housing to selecting a doctor or counselor.

Sections on "Parenting After the Cult" and "Teenagers on Their Own," focus on the needs of younger people who have left cults. Though oriented to those living in the U.S., Starting Out contains much that will be useful to people in all countries.

Author Livia Bardin, M.S.W., is a social worker who has specialized in
research on cults and the experiences of cult victims. Her book,
Coping with Cult Involvement, focuses on families with loved ones in
cults. Her research on the experiences of children in cults has been
published in in the Cultic Studies Review and the Journal of Public
Child Welfare.

Available online only, Starting Out is accessible to anyone and sections are downloadable free of charge. Users are prohibited from selling or charging for information downloaded from the site.

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