Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Special Event: Jehovah’s Witnesses, Former Members and Families

May 12, 2012
Philadelphia, PA

Questions to Explore

Attendees and facilitators will explore questions that are often central to the concerns of former members of cultic groups and families/friends troubled about a loved one’s group involvement:
  • About ICSA
  • Exploring a psychological perspective
  • How are cultic groups different from and similar to other kinds of groups?
  • Why do people leave?
  • Can departures be facilitated?
  • What problems do people have when they leave?
  • How can they manage these problems?
  • Disfellowshipping

9:30 a.m to 5 p.m., with a 75-minute lunch break.

Saturday morning will consist of directed discussions aimed at encouraging participants to describe their relevant experiences and explore their current opinions regarding the key questions listed above. (Participants may choose not to contribute to discussions, if they wish.)

We hope that attendees will chat informally during breaks, in the evening, and after the event. 

In short, the event will focus on attendees’ experiences and views, not presenters’ prepared talks, so as to help attendees better understand these important questions and enhance their capacity to express themselves and help others as well as themselves.

$25 – Current ICSA Members
$50 – Non-Members (includes free Web membership to ICSA)